Reuters Events Car of the Future 2021 Webinar | LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy

What are the business drivers for higher-level ADAS functionality, the use cases for automotive LiDAR, and the implementation and integration requirements for safe autonomous driving? On April 28th, 2021, AEye Co-Founder and VP of Corporate Development, Jordan Greene, participated in the Reuters Events Car of the Future 2021 Webinar, LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy alongside Dr. Gunnar Juergens, VP and Head of LiDAR Segment, Continental, and Jon Lauckner, Former General Motors CTO and GM Ventures President, to discuss those questions, and more.
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AEye Insights: Making Tracks in the Rail Industry

In this installment of the AEye Insights series, AEye’s VP of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives, Akram Benmbarek, sits down with AEye Advisory Board Member, global railway industry leader, and former Director of IBM’s Global Rail Innovation Center, Keith Dierkx, to discuss the state of innovation in the rail industry here in the U.S., major transformative trends and challenges, detection requirements for passenger and freight railways, and much more.
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An Introduction to AEye

At AEye, we set out to solve a very different problem. While traditional sensing systems passively collect data, AEye’s active LiDAR leverages principles from automated targeting systems and biomimicry to scan its environment, while intelligently focusing on what matters in order to enable safer, smarter and faster decisions in complex situations.
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AEye Insights: The Roadmap to Autonomy

AEye Advisor Jim Robnett sits down with Elliot Garbus, AEye Advisory Board Member and former VP & GM at Intel Corporation Transportation Solutions Division, to discuss the technical challenges facing the industry today, what kind of partnerships we'll see in the future, the social and legal issues related to autonomy, and where he thinks transportation is headed this decade.
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4Sight Shock and Vibe Testing

The AEye 4Sight M sensor completes testing of random vibration of over 12Grms (5-2000Hz) on May 29, 2020. The tests were performed and certified by NTS at their facilities in Fremont, CA.
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AEye Shatters New Benchmark

AEye Sets New Benchmark for LiDAR Range

Introducing 1KM AEye has set a new benchmark for LiDAR range. In performance specification tests monitored and validated by VSI Labs, AEye’s iDAR system acquired and tracked a truck at 1,000 meters – or one kilometer – five times the distance current LiDAR systems are able to detect! Watch now...
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AEye and ANSYS: Simulation and Prototyping

AEye and ANSYS are accelerating autonomous driving safety by enabling virtual prototyping of iDAR™ to speed design, testing and validation of autonomous systems. By working with ANSYS, AEye is empowering partners and customers to simulate driving situations across millions of miles in just days, minimizing physical prototyping. Watch the demonstration of AEye's iDAR using the VRXPERIENCE and SPEOS elements of ANSYS Autonomy, showcasing hazard detection in a virtual world.
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Tata Elxsi And AEye RoboTaxi System

AEye and Tata Elxsi: Autonomous Vehicle

AEye's partner ecosystem is embracing and extending iDAR to accelerate innovation and the availability of autonomous features. AEye and Tata Elxsi have unveiled RoboTaxi, Tata Elxsi’s in-house concept demonstrator vehicle developed using AEye’s iDAR platform and Tata Elxsi’s autonomous stack. Watch a demonstration of the fully autonomous RoboTaxi vehicle, fitted with AEye’s iDAR, successfully encounter various scenarios, such as cross-traffic detection at a junction and round-about, follow the road ahead, and cueing the sensor with HD maps and V2X information.
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