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AEye iDAR: Sensor Performance Testing 2021

AEye’s iDAR achieves breakthrough capabilities in long range, high-resolution performance and safety required for automotive and trucking highway autonomy.

On February 3, 2021, VSI Labs, one of the nation’s leading active safety and automated vehicle technology experts, oversaw the performance testing of AEye’s iDAR system with emphasis on applications for safety and autonomy. The four performance specifications tested were: Detections at 1K Range at 10Hz; Resolution as measured by Points per Degree Squared, Speed as measured by Full Frame Scan Rate, and Sensor Integration Flexibility.

VSI found that “AEye’s iDAR delivered impressive results, achieving a range of more than four times, a resolution of more than five times, and scan rates of over ten times greater than LiDAR devices currently on the market. This data can be used by the automated vehicle to see further, gain more accurate information, and make decisions about its trajectory at a greater distance or at a higher velocity. The end result is a sensor that can detect and potentially classify objects with enough precision, accuracy, and distance not possible with conventional LiDAR or camera sensors.”


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