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iDAR Sees Only What Matters

AEye’s iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) is an intelligent artificial perception platform for autonomous vehicles.

Only iDAR brings intelligence to the sensor layer. By fusing 1550 nanometer, solid-state active LiDAR with a low-light HD camera and embedded deterministic AI – at the sensor – iDAR collects and analyzes only the data that matters – without missing anything. With iDAR, the vehicle’s perception system can target only the salient 5% of data it needs to safely navigate.

  1. Fixed grid scan pattern with High Density Elevation coloring where blue indicates the highest elevation and red indicates the lowest.
  2. Moving grid scan pattern with iDAR edge detection enabled, also with High Density Elevation coloring.
  3. Moving grid scan pattern with iDAR edge detection enabled. The scene is colored by point type, where the “passive” points (part of the fixed background scan) are orange. The iDAR edge detection points – which pass only the scene’s relevant information to the perception system – are green. The computer vision edge detection algorithm analyzes the camera stream, which cues the LiDAR to optimally capture only the important aspects of the scene. Ensuring that iDAR never misses a thing!
  4. Moving grid scan pattern with edges only.

iDAR enables self-driving cars to see only what matters.