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Reuters Events Car of the Future 2021 Webinar

LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy

Safely deploying L2+ through L5 autonomy is one of the greatest challenges facing OEMs. LiDAR is seen as critical to these deployments with different performance thresholds depending upon the desired autonomous feature or functionality, such as highway pilot.

This webinar delves into the business drivers for higher-level ADAS functionality, the use cases for automotive LiDAR, and the implementation and integration requirements for safe autonomous driving.

Other discussion topics include:

  • The economic drivers for L2+ to L5 autonomy
  • The difference with software-driven LiDAR
  • The threshold of performance relative to features and SWaPc


  • Jordan Greene, Co-Founder and VP of Corporate Development, AEye, Inc.
  • Dr. Gunnar Juergens, VP and Head of LiDAR Segment, Continental
  • Jon Lauckner, Former General Motors CTO and GM Ventures President

Moderated by: Pete Bigelow, Senior Reporter, Automotive News