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AEye Lidar for Trucking

Trucks are a critical component of the global supply chain. But with substantial driver shortages, an ever-increasing demand for products within an uncertain supply chain, and a heightened focus on safety, transport professionals are now, more than ever, looking to automate hub-to-hub truck routes for faster, safer, and more reliable deliveries.

Conventional sensors alone, such as cameras and radars, can not meet the complex needs demanded of the trucking industry. That’s why trucking companies are incorporating lidar into their sensor suite to improve overall safety and efficiency. Lidar is the missing link to bring these autonomous trucking systems from development to reality. Only lidar provides critical, highly accuracy depth information with high angular resolution at long distances, both day and at night.

At highway speeds, class-8 semi trucks can have a stopping distance of hundreds of meters. Therefore, small obstacle detection is crucial to initiate safe braking. And, to safely plan and execute standard highway maneuvers, autonomous commercial vehicles must be able to track other large trucks as well as cars and motorcycles beyond 300 meters.

AEye’s software-definable lidar, built on the 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, delivers the industry’s longest range for the most precise high speed obstacle detection and classification in all lighting and weather conditions.

4Sight easily detects shredded tires at 150 meters and tracks pedestrians that may be changing a tire in an emergency lane beyond 200 meters. In order to maintain highway speeds, 4Sight lidar tracks small cars beyond 300 meters and overpasses beyond 400 meters so driving maneuvers can be planned well in advance.

4Sight is trucking’s only sensing solution with triggered performance modes that can adjust range, resolution, field of view, and frame rate, and can be optimized for any application, use case or complex requirements – such as improving the safety of changing lanes through blindspot detection of vehicles closing at high speeds.

4Sight lidar sensors can be used for hub-to-hub interstate driving and for navigation through low speed, dynamic scenarios, such as depots and urban roadways, making it the most adaptive and cost-effective sensor solution for trucking – reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

This adaptability also enables optimal placement on any vehicle – easily adjusting for mounting height differences between class 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 trucks.

Not all lidar is created equal. AEye’s 4Sight lidar will enable the development of new autonomous trucking features, and help prevent distractions and accidents of all kinds.

The future of commercial vehicle automation starts at AEye.