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AEye (Nasdaq: LIDR) Appoints Former Apple Global Marketing Executive Sue Zeifman to Its Board of Directors

Company Continues to Attract Industry’s Top Talent – Adding Distinguished Executives in Business Development and…

AEye Will Not Attend CES 2022 In Person Out of Concern for the Health and Safety of Employees, Partners, and Customers

Company Will Webcast “Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022” Featuring Demos, Videos, and Interviews with…

AEye Showcases Adaptive LiDAR at CES 2022 – Live in Las Vegas and Virtually via Webcasts

For Those Unable to Join CES In-person, AEye Will be Offering a Daily “Live with…

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Where are all the robotaxis and autonomous cars we were promised?

Neural asks: ‘Where are all the robotaxis and autonomous cars we were promised?’

Neural sits down with AEye’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Allan Steinhardt, to find out what is happening behind the scenes in the world of transportation autonomy, and why driverless cars always seem to be “a few years away”. In this article, Dr. Steinhardt describes how only AEye’s iDAR has the unique, “patented ability to transform LiDAR sensors into an optical communications network, enabling the sensor to not only to determine what’s happening on the road, but to create real-time communications arrays to help coordinate vehicle ‘knowledge’ across multiple nodes.”

Car and Driver Affirms AEye’s Pedestrian and Small Object Detection in a Tunnel at 120 Meters in Rain

Car and Driver was on site at Destination ACM to witness AEye’s small object detection testing, which saw AEye’s sensor detect five bricks and a black dog not visible to the human eye at 120 meters, as well as a pedestrian and child at 110 meters, in a tunnel and amid heavy rain. “Had the [vehicle] on display really been driving itself, it would have picked up on the obstacles in the road before a human could have, especially given the heavy rain.”

SensorTips asks: “What is the outlook for the MEMS Sensor Market?”

SensorTips breaks down the drivers of the global microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors market, which includes: miniaturized consumer products, IoT-connected devices and wearables, thermopiles and microbolometers used in contactless temperature guns, PCR diagnostic tests for detecting COVID-19, microfluidics for DNA sequencing, and of course, autonomous vehicle technology.

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January 22-27, 2022 | Photonics West | San Francisco, CA

January 26, 2022 | 3:00 PM – 4:45 PM PST | From Consumer to Space, 3D Sensing Adoption is Accelerating | Adaptive LiDAR: Key to Advancing Autonomy

Speaker: Luis Dussan – Founder and CTO, AEye

January 25-27, 2022 | Manifest | Las Vegas, Nevada

Come see AEye exhibit at booth #603