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AEye Advisory Board Profile: Elliot Garbus

I was formerly the Vice President and General Manager of the Transportation Solutions Division at Intel. In that role, I had a front row seat as autonomous driving went from research to a race to commercialism.

AEye Advisory Board Profile: Willie Gault

As a professional athlete, I have always been fascinated and amazed by human perception and the role it plays in athletic performance... I have been curious about how these capabilities might be replicated with technology and artificial intelligence.

AEye Sets New Benchmark for LiDAR Range

Introducing 1KM AEye has set a new benchmark for LiDAR range. In performance specification tests monitored and validated by VSI Labs, AEye’s iDAR system acquired and tracked a truck at 1,000 meters – or one kilometer – five times the distance current LiDAR systems are able to detect! Watch now...