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Elon Musk Is Right: LiDAR Is a Crutch (Sort of.)

Mr. Musk is right. Relying solely on LiDAR can steer autonomous vehicle companies into innovation cul-de-sacs.

AEye Team Profile: Elaine Wu

One of the reasons why I like working on autonomous vehicles is because I am working with innovative technology. It means that everything can be further tuned and customized. I enjoy the process of going from proof-of-concept all the way to a completed product. To have the opportunity to have an idea and really push through to production is really exciting.

AEye Team Profile: Umar Piracha

LiDAR is enabling self-driving cars to become a reality by ensuring that they drive with the least amount of risk to other drivers or those around it. LiDAR is necessary for autonomous vehicles because it reduces the burden of real-time perception and prediction, which is not possible using AI and stereo-cameras alone.

AEye Team Profile: Ove Salomonsson

LiDAR is the final sensor modality that is needed to make ADAS systems (and eventually full autonomy) work effectively in all conditions. LiDAR is more deterministic by nature, as it can detect and measure the distance to all objects. And with an agile LiDAR, such as AEye’s iDAR, this can be done incredibly fast with the added ability to classify objects and determine their velocity.
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