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4Sight Lidar for Trucking


Represents trucks using 4Sight lidar for trucking

Our lidar meets trucking industry needs

Represents 4Sight lidar for trucking delivering industry’s longest detection range for precise high speed

Long-range capabilities

4Sight lidar for trucking delivers the industry’s longest detection range for precise high speed, highway obstacle detection, perception and classification. Software-defined, 4Sight lidar for trucking fully meets the needs of commercial vehicle automation.

Solid-state reliability

With proven solid-state performance, AEye’s innovative and patented approach to lidar makes 4Sight lidar for trucking one of the most robust and rugged products for any application that experiences a lifetime of shock and vibration, surpassing even the most stringent trucking standards.

Represents 4Sight lidar for trucking robust and rugged products to handle lifetime of shock and vibration
Represents 4Sight lidar for trucking 360° coverage around the trucks

Build it and place it

We engage world-class Tier 1 partners for industrialization and manufacturing of our lidar products. Our design allows for adaptive placement options to enable seamless 360° coverage around the truck.


Lighten the load

  • Advanced Vision Capabilities

    Our adaptive lidar accurately sees beyond the limitations of cameras and radar, identifying overpasses and signage at over 1000m

  • Reliability & Safety

    Our bistatic design enables the smallest low mass mirror (~1mm) with the fastest resonance (over 10kHz) leading to proven solid-state reliability

  • Integrated Intelligence

    Our deterministic intelligent sensing increases the probability of detection and reduces false positive rates to increase the quality of data collection

  • Adaptability & Optimization

    Our triggered performance modes enable features like hub-to-hub automation by allowing us to detect vehicle cut-ins in traffic using our 128° wide horizontal field of view while leveraging 0.05° high resolution at fast speeds

  • Innovation & Cost Reduction

    Our adaptive, software configurable lidar, enables customization and upgradability over time allowing our customers to future-proof their autonomous development

  • 4Sight lidar generates scan patterns to meet diverse conditions

    Redefining Architecture

    Our patented bistatic architecture separates transmit and receive channels, allowing optimization for both and enabling intelligence to be introduced at the point of acquisition


Delivering the future

4Sight™ Automotive is a software-defined product customized by our partners to address the specific requirements of OEM customers. It is designed to be industrialized, manufactured, and integrated by our Tier 1 partners. AEye’s next gen product, 4Sight Flex, is a compact, low power design optimized for high-performance behind-the-windshield.

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