Think like a robot, perceive like a human.

AEye’s technology evolved from co-founder and CEO Luis Dussan’s work in designing reconnaissance, targeting, and defense systems for fighter jets. Dussan realized that a self-driving vehicle faces a similar challenge: it must be able to see, classify, and respond to an object – whether it is a parked car or a child crossing the street – in real time and before it’s too late. This demands the vehicle to think like a robot, but perceive like a human.

Mimicking human perception requires pushing intelligence and processing to the edge of the network, creating an integrated system that brings together artificial intelligence and software definable, smart sensors.

Enter iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) – the world’s first solid state, leading-edge artificial perception system for autonomous vehicles that leverages biomimicry and the three key principles of advanced targeting systems:

  • Never miss anything
  • Understand that all objects are not created equal
  • Do everything in real time
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