AEye Automotive Mobility Product Roadmap

Extensible platform open to new sensor hardware and software as available.

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The AE110 is AEye's most powerful perception product for self-driving cars.

The AE110 is the latest product in the AE100 series, AEye’s leading-edge, artificial perception system for self-driving cars. Built on the world’s most extensive solid-state LiDAR patent portfolio, the AE110 fuses 1550 nanometer (nm), solid-state agile MOEMS LiDAR, a low-light HD camera, and embedded AI to intelligently capture data at the sensor level, enabling the collection of 4 to 8 times the information of conventional, fixed pattern LiDAR at a fraction of the energy.

Based on AEye’s iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) perception system, the AE110 delivers more accurate and smarter perception data faster to a vehicle’s path planning system.

The AE110’s unique architecture enables the highest performance in resolution, range, and refresh rate while delivering unprecedented power savings. The AE110 achieves 16 times greater coverage of the entire Field-of-View at 10 times the frame rate (up to 100 Hz), thanks to its ability to support multiple Regions of Interest for both LiDAR and camera. Onboard computer vision and embedded feedback loops enable enhanced machine learning and dynamic software control at multiple levels. This includes software-defined scan modes that allow the AE110 to be “situationally aware,” as well as the dynamic deployment of scan patterns for any driving condition or environment.

The AE110 is automotive SWaP optimized with documented field and environmental testing, as well as automotive deployment optimized with minimal crosstalk, utilizing four layers of interference mitigation and anti-spoofing technology.

The AE110 can emulate the performance and data of any existing system, enabling its seamless integration and expansion in any autonomous vehicle fleet.

AE110 Product Features Compared with Industry Benchmarks and Capabilities

LiDAR SpecificationsAE110Current Industry Benchmarks
Frame RateUp to 100Hz10Hz – 20Hz
Range230m @ 10% Reflectivity100m – 150m
Raster EmulationUp to 400 Vertical Channels16 – 64
InterferenceLess than .0000001%3% – 11%


Unique iDAR CapabilitiesAE110Current Industry Capabilities
Sensor EncryptionIntegrated Anti-SpoofingN/A
Achievable Point Revisit Rate3000X FasterN/A
Region of Interest Frame Time10ms – 30ms (900 Shots)N/A
Software Definable FramesFoveated, ROI, Emulation, Cued, RandomN/A
Software ConfigurableFour Feedback LoopsN/A
Lidar UDP OutputX,Y,Z, intensity, R,G,B, Point Type and moreN/A
AE200 Logo
AEye AE200

The AE200 Series is a game changing, solid-state sensor family for Level 3 ADAS applications.

Designed to address the need for modular, high-performance sensors based on the iDAR platform, the AE200 Series features the industry’s only software-definable LiDAR and industry-leading ADAS performance.

The AE200 Series includes six layers of interference mitigation and anti-spoofing technology and is under ASIL-B functional safety certification, ensuring it meets the automotive industry’s stringent safety standards.

Delivering ADAS L3 long range performance of up to 200M at 10% reflectivity at 0.1° resolution and short range performance configuration of 50M range at 10% reflectivity, the AE200 Series will be modular in design, supporting all critical ADAS packaging locations including headlamp, windscreen, side mirror, front grill, A-pillar, and C-pillar, and capable of up to 120°x 45° Field of View. The AE200 is SWaP optimized for modular ADAS deployments capable of supporting all popular vehicle packaging locations.

Initial product offerings will be available to automotive OEMs and Tier 1s in Spring 2020.

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