The First Intelligent, Adaptive, LiDAR Sensor Platform

High-performance, software-configurable adaptive LiDAR for safer autonomous industrial and mobility applications.

Built on AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, 4Sight™ M meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for the industrial and mobility markets with its industry-leading adaptive LiDAR performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities, and unmatched reliability and safety. 4Sight M is a cost-effective, customizable perception solution that leverages the complete 4Sight software platform and includes a comprehensive SDK for an extensible roadmap to autonomous industrial and mobility applications.

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Redefining LiDAR Performance

Redefining LiDAR 1000m Animation

4Sight M establishes a benchmark for the next generation of LiDAR sensors and intelligent robotic vision systems.

  • Software-configurable range optimization of 1cm to 1,000 meters
  • As much as 1,600 points per square degree
  • Standard horizontal and vertical resolution less than 0.1°
  • Triggerable instantaneous resolution of 0.025°
  • Update rate of up to 200Hz

Integrated Intelligence

More information, less data.

  • Collects 4-8x the information of conventional, fixed pattern LiDAR at a fraction of the energy
  • Library of functionally safe, deterministic scan patterns
  • Enhanced ground plane detection to determine topology at extended ranges
  • Optional integrated automotive camera, boresight aligned with agile LiDAR to generate true color point clouds
  • Parallel camera-only feed provides cost-effective, redundant camera sensor

Advanced Vision Capabilities

Grill Mount View

Addressing the most challenging edge cases.

  • Targets and classifies objects 10-20x more accurately than camera-only systems through HD ROIs
  • Detects and classifies objects using intraframe radial and lateral velocity
  • Detects foliage and adverse weather conditions using dynamic range and full-waveform processing of multiple returns
  • Detects pedestrians at over 300 meters
  • Detects small, low-reflective objects at over 160 meters

Unmatched Reliability and Safety

Designed to meet the diverse range of performance and functional safety requirements to power a wide range of dynamic sensing applications.

  • Proven to sustain mechanical shock of over 50G, random vibration over 12Grms (5-2000Hz), and sustained vibration of over 3G
  • Solid-state reliability
  • 1550nm Class 1 laser product per IEC 60825-1:2014
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K
4Sight Shock And Vibe Testing

4Sight™ M Product Specifications

LiDAR Specifications4Sight™ M
Field of View60° x 30° Baseline
Angular Resolution0.1° horizontal (x) & vertical (y)
Triggerable Instantaneous Resolution0.025°
User-Defined Frame RateUp to 200Hz
Software-Configurable RangeFrom 1cm to 1000m

A game-changing platform leveraged by partners for automotive applications.

The 4Sight™ A is a software-configurable reference architecture customized by our partners to address the specific design requirements of the OEM customers. Industrialized, manufactured, and integrated by our Tier 1 partners, the 4Sight A features industry leading, ultra long-range and a wide field of view to address the needs of high-performance applications such as passenger vehicle highway autopilot and commercial vehicle hub-to-hub automation.

Continental Logo

For example, Continental’s HRL131 is built on the 4Sight intelligent sensing platform, with artificial intelligence-driven adaptive lidar at its core. 4Sight delivers accurate, performance-driven solutions that meet customer’s present and future needs.

Unique Features of 4Sight™ A Reference Architecture:

  • Ultra-long range performance such as vehicles at 500m and pedestrians at over 300m enables highway autopilot at high speeds over 120kph or 75mph
  • Triggered performance modes enable one sensor to meet the dynamic needs of a vehicle operating in multiple environments while maintaining the optimal size, weight, power, and cost profile
  • Deterministic intelligent sensing increases the probability of detection and reduces false positive rates to increase the accuracy of data collection and the reliability margin of our customers’ safety features
  • The 4Sight platform’s bistatic design leverages the smallest low mass mirror of roughly 1mm operating at the fastest resonance, leading to solid state robustness against the most extreme shock and vibration conditions for passenger and commercial vehicles and supporting adaptive scanning
  • Adaptive, software configurable scan patterns enable customer-centric customization and upgradability over time allowing customers to future-proofing their autonomous development

Flexible Placement Options

4Sight’s modular platform enables seamless, cost-effective integration into a vehicle.

  • Software-configurable scanning allows for optimal performance in any location
  • Production packaging options include roof, grill, and behind the windshield