AEye Automotive Mobility Product Roadmap

Extensible platform open to new sensor hardware and software as available.

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AEye AE100

The AEye AE100 series is a leading-edge artificial perception system for autonomous vehicles and ADAS markets that provides breakthrough advancements in perception and path-planning. The AE100 series is based on AEye’s iDARTM (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) perception system.

The AE100 is a significant advancement over existing LiDAR-only sensing solutions. That’s because LiDAR on its own lacks intelligence and is, therefore, unable to take into account how a scene evolves or what the mission is. LiDAR-only solutions simply collect as much data as possible, without discretion, and pass it up to a central processor, where 75% to 95% of the collected data is discarded because it’s redundant, out-of-date, or useless. This creates a huge strain on bandwidth and processing, causing latency.

By infusing agile targeting and intelligence into the data collection process, the AE100 is able to immediately triage and prioritize data in order to perform decision analytics. This scalable, software-definable approach allows the system to capture more information with less data, enabling much faster perception and path planning—a key to the safe rollout of autonomous vehicles.

AE100 Product Features Compared with Industry Benchmarks and Capabilities

LiDAR Specifications AE100 Current Industry Benchmarks
Frame Rate Up to 100Hz 10Hz – 20Hz
Range 230m @ 10% Reflectivity 100m – 150m
Raster Emulation Up to 400 Vertical Channels 16 – 64
Interference Less than .0000001% 3% – 11%


Unique iDAR Capabilities AE100 Current Industry Capabilities
Sensor Encryption Integrated Anti-Spoofing N/A
Achievable Point Revisit Rate 3000X Faster N/A
Region of Interest Frame Time 10ms – 30ms (900 Shots) N/A
Software Definable Frames Foveated, ROI, Emulation, Cued, Random N/A
Software Configurable Four Feedback Loops N/A
Lidar UDP Output X,Y,Z, intensity, R,G,B, Point Type and more N/A

In 2019, AEye will introduce a breakthrough product line based on iDAR we are calling the AE200 series. The AE200 will have a greatly reduced footprint and utilize 75% less power. With advanced receiving capability, the AE200 will further extend the range of iDAR while providing industry-leading resolution. With both standard and customizable software extensions, the AE200 will be ideal perception platform for both ADAS and Mobility implementations.

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