AEye Automotive Mobility Product Roadmap

Extensible platform open to new sensor hardware and software as available.

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The AE110 is AEye's most powerful perception product for self-driving cars.

The AE110’s unique architecture enables the highest performance in resolution, range, and refresh rate while delivering unprecedented power savings, achieving 16x greater coverage of the entire 
Field-of-View. The AE110 delivers long range performance and detail where you need it, with more than 1.7M points per resolution. The AE110 is automotive grade with documented field and environmental testing, and automotive deployment optimized with minimal crosstalk.

Unique Mobility Offerings at Run Time:

  • Agile LiDAR enables software definable scan patterns that enable the optimal scan pattern to be created for any environment and adapted on the fly based on vehicle location.
  • Ability to deploy multiple High-Definition Regions of Interest (ROIs) to enable targeting and classification of objects 10x to 20x more accurately than camera-only systems—while delivering the information 10x faster.
  • Fuses 1550 nanometer (nm), solid-state agile MOEMS LiDAR, an optional low-light HD camera, and embedded AI to intelligently capture data at the sensor level. This enables the collection of 4x to 8x the information of conventional, fixed pattern LiDAR at a fraction of the energy.
  • Combining the camera’s 2D pixels with the LiDAR’s 3D voxels creates Dynamic Vixels,™ a new data type which helps the AI refine the LiDAR point cloud around objects of interest.
  • Perception advancements made available through a software reference library.
  • iDAR’s flexible system design enables seamless, cost-effective 360° coverage around the vehicle. Seamlessly combine AE200s and AE110s to meet your specific requirements.

AE110 Product Features

LiDAR SpecificationsAE110
Field of View60° x 30° Baseline
Angular Resolution0.1° horizontal (x) & vertical (y)
HD Region of Interest0.025°
User-Defined Frame RateUp to 100Hz
Range205m @ 10% Reflectivity


Unique iDAR CapabilitiesAE110Current Industry Capabilities
Point/Blob Revisit Rate<< 1msecN/A
Agile Frame RateUp to 100HzN/A
Region of Interest Frame Time (Average)10ms (900 points)N/A
True Color Point CloudsYesN/A
Enhanced Sensing ModesYesN/A
Software DefinableYes, comprehensive SDK with ROS supportN/A
Perception Software LibraryYesN/A
Object Classification RangeUp to 200m (>100m with full instance segmentation)N/A
Annotated Training DataYesN/A
AE200 Logo
AEye AE200

The AE200 Series is a game-changing, solid-state sensor family for ADAS applications.

Designed to address the need for modular, high-performance sensors based on the iDAR platform, the AE200 Series features the industry’s only software definable LiDAR and industry-leading ADAS performance. The AE200 Series includes six layers of interference mitigation, anti-spoofing technology, and is under ASIL-B functional safety certification—ensuring it meets the automotive industry’s stringent safety standards.

Unique ADAS Offerings at Design Time:

  • Agile LiDAR enables user’s choice of deterministic scan patterns catered to specific use cases and applications, such as collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking (AEB).
  • Feature-specific Fixed Regions of Interest (ROIs) designed to detect threats from various locations.
  • Optional camera integration cues LiDAR for additional environmental data and sensor redundancy.
  • Perception advancements made available through a software reference library.
  • Windshield, grill, and other discreet vehicle integration options.
    SWaP optimized.
  • FuSa/SOTIF compliant for signal path­­—providing necessary determinism for testing and validation.
  • Option to non-deterministically scan without breaking the FuSa signal path—reducing the known unknowns required for SOTIF/ISO2144.
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