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Software-Defined Lidar Solution for Automated Tolling

Perception sensors define the reliability and performance of automated tolling systems. However, current technologies, such as cameras, radars, and loops have significant limitations. Cameras and radars often struggle to detect vehicles reliably in low light or adverse weather conditions and misclassify 2-axle vs. 4-axle vehicles. They are unable to provide highly accurate depth information, lack the resolution needed to accurately classify objects at range, and have difficulty tracking vehicles when last-second lane changes occur prior to entering a tolling area. To put it simply: cameras, radars, and loops are unable to meet today’s challenge of optimizing traffic flow while ensuring people and goods move safely.

AEye’s 4Sight™ M Addresses Perception Sensor Challenges

4Sight™ M is a software-defined lidar sensor that leverages AEye’s Intelligent Sensing Platform to enable perception to better locate, identify and track objects over time. It is specifically designed to complement the use of existing cameras, radars, and loops in automated tolling, bridging the gap between the applications of today — and opportunities of tomorrow.

  • Enables faster, more accurate and reliable perception
  • Extends sensing capabilities of existing tolling applications — avoid revenue leakage
  • Performs in all lighting and weather conditions
  • Ensures that better decisions are made — minimal error for maximum yield

AEye’s 4Sight™ M for Automated Tolling

The 4Sight™ perception engine provides accurate real time detection generating the most actionable and precise data to support a wide range of automated tolling applications.

Vehicle speed

Vehicle type classification

Vehicle tagging

Vehicle timestamp

Vehicle trajectory

Lane information

Vehicle dimensions

Up to 6 lanes per sensor

Unique Features

  • Library of unique performance modes specifically designed and optimized for any tolling application
  • Highest depth information data quality to improve perception speed and accuracy
  • Up to four returns to greatly improve data collection in adverse weather
  • High frame rate to detect vehicles at high speeds

Optimized for Automated Tolling

AEye’s 4Sight™ perception solution defines the future of automated tolling performance.

  • Easy to use and deploy – Easy to operate, low maintenance cost, simple installation, and commissioning.
  • Avoid development uncertainty – Software-defined lidar sensor optimized for tolling application needs.
  • Optimize system cost — The most advanced sensor technology to scale down existing sensing solutions.
  • Flexible integration — High versatility regarding sensor height, pitch angle, number of lanes and type of data to extract.

4Sight™ M + perception in tolling application monitoring 6 lanes of incoming traffic

System Architecture

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