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4Sight Lidar for Logistics



Our tool to manage transport systems

Managing diverse and complex logistics

4Sight provides the vision to manage system autonomy, collision avoidance, inspection, track mapping, and passenger flow. All require different classification capabilities delivering reliability and safety for rail and ports.

The long and short of it

4Sight is agile and has the ability to focus on specific Regions of Interest (ROIs) with high resolution ranging from long range (200-600 meters) for autonomy and collision avoidance applications to short range requirements such as mapping and asset inspection.

One size fits all

Our 4Sight product is rugged and reliable and has adaptive mounting options for use in global transport systems, meeting unique customer requirements, without hardware modification.


Keeping it moving

  • High Performance

    Intelligently selecting the pertinent data and meeting frame rate requirements

  • Shock and vibration

    Proven solid-state reliability even in the toughest conditions

  • HD Scanning

    Detecting small changes or deformations in the assets

  • Adaptive Mounting Options

    Moving on the right-of-way or monitoring an asset

  • Software-Configurable

    Designed to meet the needs of specific rail and port applications

  • 4Sight lidar generates scan patterns to meet diverse conditions

    Performance Modes

    Providing dynamic scan patterns to meet diverse conditions


Delivering the future

4Sight™ Logistics is a software-defined product that meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for rail, port and supply chain applications with its adaptive lidar performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities and unmatched reliability and safety.

Get to know us better

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