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This Is AEye

Solving the Challenges of Artificial Perception for Autonomous Vehicles

We are the creators of iDAR, the world’s leading artificial perception platform which combines solid-state, agile LiDAR with a low-light HD camera and embedded artificial intelligence to mimic the advanced data structure of the human visual cortex, allowing for safer, more efficient autonomous driving. iDAR’s unique architecture enables industry leading performance in range, scan rate, and resolution.

AEye has demonstrated a range of more 1000m, a scan rate of greater than 100Hz, and the ability to achieve 1 mm scale resolution with true color. And that’s only the beginning! As a company, AEye values integrity, innovation, and a dedication to change the world by bringing sensible, problem-solving ADAS and Mobility perception solutions to market.

What groundbreaking achievements will AEye reach next?