Autonomous Vehicle

AEye Granted Foundational Patents For Core Solid-State MEMs-Based Agile LiDAR And Embedded AI Technology

Pleasanton, CA – March 7, 2018 – On the heels of its automotive product debut at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES), artificial perception pioneer AEye today announced it has been awarded foundational patents with numerous claims for its solid state MEMs-based agile LiDAR and embedded AI technology that are core to AEye’s iDAR™ perception system. AEye’s iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) perception system mimics how a human’s visual cortex focuses on and evaluates potential driving hazards. Using embedded AI…

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IS Auto 2018

IS Auto Europe – April 24-25, 2018

April 24-25, 2018 | IS Auto Europe | Munich, Germany John Stockton, AEye’s VP of product, is speaking on Moving from legacy LiDAR to next-generation iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) on Wednesday, April 25th at 1:40pm.

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AEye Introduces Groundbreaking iDAR Technology

Intelligent Solid-State LiDAR Delivers Unprecedented Advance in Perception and Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Company Announces iDAR Development Partner Program Pleasanton, CA, December 11, 2017 – AEye, Inc, a robotic perception pioneer, today introduced iDAR™, a new form of intelligent data collection that enables rapid, dynamic perception and path planning. iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) combines the world’s first agile MOEMS LiDAR, pre-fused with a low-light camera and embedded artificial intelligence - creating software-definable and extensible hardware that can dynamically…

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AE100 Demo Vehicle

AEye Demos First 360 Degree Solid State LiDAR System

Live Demo Breaks New Ground — Enabling Autonomous Vehicles to Collect Real-time High Density Point Clouds While Simultaneously Detecting Objects up to 300 Meters Away San Francisco, CA, Sept. 15, 2017 – AEye, Inc, a robotic vision pioneer, today announced completion of a successful live metropolitan demo showcasing its solid state commercial LiDAR system with 360° vehicle coverage. AEye’s high-performance system employs a dense LiDAR scanner, paired with region of interest configurability, for enhanced ranges up to 300 meters. AEye…

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