Tata Elxsi And AEye RoboTaxi System

AEye and Tata Elxsi: Autonomous Vehicle

AEye's partner ecosystem is embracing and extending iDAR to accelerate innovation and the availability of autonomous features. AEye and Tata Elxsi have unveiled RoboTaxi, Tata Elxsi’s in-house concept demonstrator vehicle developed using AEye’s iDAR platform and Tata Elxsi’s autonomous stack. Watch a demonstration of the fully autonomous RoboTaxi vehicle, fitted with AEye’s iDAR, successfully encounter various scenarios, such as cross-traffic detection at a junction and round-about, follow the road ahead, and cueing the sensor with HD maps and V2X information.
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IDTechEx Award 2019

AEye Wins Best Innovative Sensor Technology Award at IDTechEx

IDTechEx, Santa Clara, CA - November 21, 2019 - Today artificial perception pioneer AEye announced it has been awarded Best Innovative Sensor Technology at IDTechEx.The award is given to the sensor technology with the most significant new innovation, or that can impact our life most significantly. AEye’s iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) Artificial Perception platform was given the top honors for its agile, situationally adaptive solid state LiDAR which brings powerful sensing capabilities to ADAS and autonomous vehicle initiatives, as…

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AEye Object Classification

AEye Announces World’s First Commercially Available Perception Software Designed to Run Inside the Sensors of Autonomous Vehicles

AutoMobility, LA, November 19, 2019 - Today, artificial perception pioneer AEye announced the world’s first commercially available, 2D/3D perception system designed to run in the sensors of autonomous vehicles. For the first time, basic perception can be distributed to the edge of the sensor network. This allows autonomous designers to use sensors to not only search and detect objects, but also to acquire, and ultimately to classify and track these objects. The ability to collect this information in real-time both…

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AutoSens Platform Award 2019

AEye Wins Award for Most Innovative Autonomous Driving Platform at AutoSens Brussels

Brussels, BE – September 19, 2019 - Today artificial perception pioneer AEye announced it has been awarded the Most Innovative Autonomous Driving Platform at AutoSens Brussels. The AutoSens Awards, which honor innovation throughout the vehicle perception industry, recognize the very best technical excellence driving the automotive industry forward. AEye won for its iDAR™ Artificial Perception platform, which combines software extensibility, artificial intelligence and smart, agile sensors to deliver intelligent data collection at the sensor level. Using a distributed architecture, iDAR…

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AEye Named to Forbes AI 50

Pleasanton, CA – September 18, 2019 - Today artificial perception pioneer AEye announced it has been named to the Forbes AI 50, a list of the top private companies using artificial intelligence to transform industries. AEye was selected for its use of intelligent LiDAR (iDAR™) to help self-driving cars safely navigate their environment. iDAR is AEye’s breakthrough perception innovation which leverages artificial intelligence to enable self-driving cars to intelligently assess hazards and respond to changing conditions. By capturing better information,…

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Hella Logo

AEye’s New AE110 iDAR System Integrated into HELLA Vehicle at IAA in Frankfurt

Pleasanton, CA – September 10, 2019 - AEye, a world leader in solid state LiDAR-based artificial perception systems and the developer of iDAR™, today announced that its AE110 system will be an integrated component in the HELLA demonstration vehicle at IAA, the world's largest motor show taking place this month in Frankfurt, Germany. HELLA and AEye announced in January that the two companies had entered a joint development and manufacturing agreement to bring best-in-class ADAS solutions to global automotive OEMs.…

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3 Rs White Paper Featured Image

AEye Redefines the Three “Rs” of LiDAR – Rate, Resolution, and Range

Pleasanton, CA – July 18, 2019 - In a new white paper released today, artificial perception pioneer AEye proposes newly extended metrics for evaluating advanced LiDAR system performance. Industry leaders recognize that the conventional metrics of frame rate, angular resolution, and detection range currently used for evaluating LiDAR performance no longer alone adequately measure the effectiveness of sensors to solve real world use cases that underlie autonomous driving. In response, AEye has proposed three new extended metrics for LiDAR evaluation:…

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