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4Sight™ for Smart Infrastructure



Diverse Requirements


Through its software-configurable architecture, 4Sight can deliver optimized and precise solutions for automated tolling, traffic management, highway incident detection and crew safety. This helps prevent accidents, reduces traffic congestion, and increases municipality savings for a safer, more efficient world.

Performs in all weather and lighting conditions

Our platform has the only software-defined sensor needed for intelligent traffic systems that can precisely establish where an object is located and produce the most precise motion forecasting in all environmental conditions.

Seeing clearly near and far

4Sight delivers highly accurate detection, perception and classification of both long and short-range objects. Software-driven, we can target objects 10-20X more precisely than camera-only systems and detect pedestrians at over 300 meters.


Signaling a change

  • Advanced vision capabilities

    Targets and classifies objects 10-20x more accurately than camera-only systems

  • Reliability & Safety

    Proven solid-state reliability with high resolution 1550nm laser

  • Weather or not

    Optimized for dynamic conditions (weather, lighting)

  • Redefining performance

    Establishing a benchmark for the next generation of lidar sensors

  • One size fits all

    Adaptive to meet the diverse ranges of infrastructure applications

  • Performance Modes

    Providing dynamic scan patterns to meet changing conditions


Delivering the future

4Sight™ Smart Infrastructure is a software-configurable product that meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for intelligent traffic systems with its adaptive lidar performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities and unmatched reliability and safety.

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