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4Sight™ for      Off-Highway



Keeping everything moving on-the-job

Seeing everything clearly

4Sight provides the 360° vision to monitor vehicles, people, animals and obstacles that can be encountered off-highway. All require different classification capabilities delivering reliability and safety.

The right guidance

4Sight can assist heavy duty off-highway vehicles to safely enter and leave worksites. It can also prevent unnecessary starting and stopping on the worksite to provide fuel savings and reduce repairs.

Adapting to your needs

Our 4Sight product is rugged and reliable and has adaptive mounting options for meeting unique off-highway customer requirements, without hardware modification.


Managing the site

  • Planning Ahead

    4Sight is key to automating hauling/excavation processes

  • Shock and Vibration

    Rugged solid-state reliability needed for off-highway

  • HD Scanning

    Detecting obstacles that can prevent costly damage

  • Adaptive Mounting Options

    Place it where you need it to go

  • Integrated Intelligence

    Enhancing the quality of data at the point of acquisition

  • Performance Modes

    Providing dynamic scan patterns to meet diverse conditions


Delivering the future

4Sight™ Off-Highway is a software-defined product that meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for the use of heavy-duty equipment for construction, mining and other infrastructure projects with its adaptive lidar performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities and unmatched reliability and safety.

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