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4Sight Lidar for Rail


Represents 4Sight lidar for rail field of view

Our lidar enables complex use cases with long-range requirements

Represents 4Sight lidar for rail sensing obstruction on track

Managing diverse and complex requirements

4Sight lidar is the industry’s only solid-state, high-performance, adaptive lidar which enables the customization of scanning parameters and detection configurations for maximum performance for any railway application – from asset inspection to collision avoidance, shunting, and full system autonomy – ensuring that better, more accurate information is used to drive decisions that improve overall safety, efficiency, and maintenance for the entire railway system.

The long and short of it

4Sight lidar delivers the industry’s longest detection range (1 kilometer) and can deploy high resolution Regions of Interest (ROIs) for small object detection (200-600 meters) while enabling high data density with ultra-high resolution for short range applications, such as mapping and asset inspection.

Represents high resolution and ultra high resolution regions of interest for rail
Represents passenger train with 4Sight lidar for rail sensor

One size fits all

Rugged and reliable, 4Sight lidar has high versatility in sensor mounting options for use in global railway systems, meeting unique customer requirements without any hardware modification. 4Sight is the most advanced lidar sensor to scale down existing sensing solutions: a single 4Sight lidar sensor mounted on a revenue train can address several use cases simultaneously, such as collision avoidance, asset inspection, and platform monitoring as the train approaches the station, making it the most adaptive and cost-effective sensor solution for rail.


Keeping it moving

  • High Performance

    Intelligently identifies ROIs to collect the highest quality data at the required frame rate to match train speed

  • Shock and Vibration

    Proven solid-state reliability to sustain high shock and vibration in any environment

  • HD Scanning

    Detects small changes or deformations in the assets

  • Flexible Integration

    High versatility regarding sensor mounting options

  • Software-Definable

    Designed and optimized to meet diverse performance requirements for any railway application

  • Performance Modes

    Provides dynamic scan patterns that can adjust range, resolution, FoV, and frame rate to deliver unmatched capabilities


Delivering the future

With its adaptive lidar performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities and unmatched reliability and safety, 4Sight lidar meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for any railway application.

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