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4Sight™ for Aerospace & Defense

Benefits —

Off-the-Shelf Innovations

Ultra High Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

4Sight™ delivers more precise and reliable perception to meet the demands of highly complex and high-speed detection scenarios — such as helicopter wire detection, identification of space debris, and advanced targeting. Using modular, off-the-shelf components, 4Sight™ provides the aerospace and defense industry with real-time adaptive vision — where it’s needed, when it’s needed — at a fraction of its expected investment.

Search, Acquire & Track

Through its software-definable architecture, 4Sight™ can dynamically adapt its scan patterns, allowing it to focus on what matters most in the field of view. This targeted data collection empowers our artificial intelligence to search a scene, acquire objects and understand what they are. Then, it intelligently improves the image in resolution and laser power and tracks the ones that matter. This expands the utility of our AI and allows for one sensor to operate in multiple environments while maintaining optimal size, weight, power, and cost profile.

Right on Target

Designed to meet the rigorous performance requirements of the aerospace and defense markets, 4Sight™ lidar is capable of long-range detection exceeding one kilometer — beyond 3 kilometers with custom optics. It can “cue” off other sensors, or self-cue, and adapt once cued to place high-density scan regions of interest on and around targets. AEye’s patented capability to communicate with other sensing modalities such as radar and cameras makes it a seamless fit in many aerospace and defense applications, including full object identification, classification, sensor fusion, range instrumentation support, weapon defenses and mapping for high security zones.

Features —


  • Advanced Vision Capabilities

    Our adaptive lidar accurately sees beyond the limitations of cameras and radar, identifying objects at beyond 3 kilometers with custom optics.

  • Reliability & Safety

    Over-the-air upgrades to the sensor ensure reliability and safety at all times, keeping assets out of danger.

  • Integrated Intelligence

    Adaptive intelligent sensing increases the probability of detection and reduces false positive rates, improving quality of data collection and reaction time.

  • Adaptability & Optimization

    Through triggered performance modes, 4Sight™ can adapt its intelligence to the environment, improving target recognition, object identification and classification.

  • Innovation & Cost Reduction

    Our adaptive, software-definable lidar is made from off-the-shelf components that can be reliably manufactured at scale using standard processes to drive down costs.

  • Weather or Not

    4Sight™’s adaptive sensing capabilities allow satellites, planes and ground vehicles to identify scenes and “hidden” objects through fog, snow, harsh sunlight and other environmental conditions.


AEye is set to deliver

The 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform is a software-defined offering customized by our Aerospace and Defense partners to address their specific requirements.

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