Rethink The 3Rs Of Lidar Rate Resolution Range

AEye is Extending Conventional LiDAR Metrics to Better Evaluate Advanced Sensor Systems

Download “Rethinking the Three “Rs” of LiDAR” [pdf]

Conventional metrics used for evaluating LiDAR data collection methods (such as frame rate, full frame resolution, and detection range) no longer adequately address the ability of sensors to deliver data that can solve real-world problems facing autonomous driving.

In response, AEye, the developer of iDAR™ technology proposes three new metrics for extending LiDAR evaluation. Specifically: extending the conventional metric of frame rate to include object revisit rate; extending resolution to capture instantaneous resolution; and enhancing detection range to reflect the more critically important object classification range. AEye argues that these amended metrics create a more complete evaluation of a sensor system’s efficacy in improving their safety and performance in real-world scenarios.

Read the white paper to learn more.

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