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4Sight™ for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Improving Safety and Keeping Us in Motion

4Sight™ for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are a critical component of urban planning. Not only will the implementation of ITS enable a smarter, more connected transportation ecosystem, these systems will have a direct effect on traffic, air quality, economic development, and safety for years to come.

Legacy detection methods—such as cameras and radars—are unable to provide highly accurate depth information, day and night, with the kind of fidelity required by traffic management teams for reliable ITS deployments. That is why agencies responsible for managing our roadways are turning to lidar—the next big step in sensor technology—for reliable data to optimize traffic flow and improve transportation services.

Lidar is the only true, deterministic sensor that precisely identifies and locates objects in three-dimensional space and time. These highly accurate measurements can then be used to detect and classify objects and provide precise location, velocity, and trajectory of all road users.

Not All Lidar is Created Equal

Built on AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, 4Sight M is a software-defined lidar sensor that delivers high-performance, cost-effective sensing solutions optimized for any ITS application. 4Sight M is designed to complement the use of cameras and radars in existing applications, and can be upgraded for future requirements without hardware modification.

Sensor Performance and Data Output Comparison Table

4Sight M sensor performance and data output compared to traditional sensing methods

Software-Definability: The AEye Advantage

Customizable for any application

Leveraging a software-defined architecture, 4Sight can be customized to meet the diverse and complex requirements for any ITS application. 4Sight comes equipped with libraries of unique performance modes designed to achieve highly accurate detection, perception, and classification of both long and short-range objects, producing the most exact motion forecasting in all environmental and weather conditions.

4Sight Smart Tolling Point Cloud

4Sight™ M + Perception in Tolling Application Monitoring 6 Lanes of Incoming Traffic


4Sight Smart Intersection Point Cloud

4Sight™ M + Perception Monitoring Intersection with Safe Pedestrian Zone Activated

Adaptive placement & scanning

AEye’s software-definable lidar provides substantial design flexibility without compromising performance. 4Sight is the most advanced sensor technology to scale down existing solutions, combining the capabilities of multiple technologies into a single device. This reduces the overall cost of existing applications and enables systems integrators to use a single sensor and perception processing unit for a broad range of applications.

AEye transforms most of the system hardware complexity to the software layer

4Sight’s sensor-based operating system enables the customization and enhancement of data capture across countless mechanical (placement) and environmental (scanning) requirements. 4Sight is the only lidar solution that can be optimized for placement, tolerance, and application to deliver high-confidence data day and night, and in all weather conditions.

4Sight overcomes application and installation challenges through optimization for:


  • Gantry height
  • Sensor pitch
  • Sensor placement
  • Scene coverage


  • Object size
  • Road speed limit
  • Traffic density
  • Weather and lighting

Monitoring - Different Heights and Angles

Industry-leading reliability & performance

4Sight leverages artificial intelligence to identify and focus on what matters most. This enables the perception system to locate and identify objects earlier, and track these objects over time, allowing for faster, more reliable perception. Early detection and more accurate, timely perception means that better decisions can be made—critical for signaling to a vehicle when it’s safe to proceed, or improving traffic flow through toll booths, intersections, and city streets.


AEye’s 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform provides the most accurate, real-time detection with best-in-class performance to support any ITS application.

Smart Intersections – Vehicle and pedestrian tracking, classification, speed, and trajectory

Highway – Automated tolling, automated incident detection, wrong way detection, speed enforcement, traffic monitoring

Vulnerable Road Users – Bicycle and pedestrian tracking, crosswalk occupancy, overall safety

Data Collection and Monitoring – Object detection, speed, position, and trajectory; object classification, object movement patterns and count

Highway Monitoring 12 Lanes

Automated Incident Detection (AID) and highway monitoring 12 lanes up to 500m (single sensor)

Unique 4Sight Features

Software-Definable – Customizable for any ITS application; designed to evolve as technology and requirements change over time

Optimized Performance Modes – Achieves highly accurate detection, perception, and classification in all environmental and weather conditions

Flexible Integration – Enables the customization and enhancement of data capture across countless mounting and mechanical constraints

Best-in-Class Performance – Targets objects 10-20x more precisely than camera-only systems; detects pedestrians at over 300+ meters

Solid-State Reliability – Built on 1550nm fiber laser; proven to sustain mechanical shock of over 50G, random vibration of over 12Grms (5-2000Hz), and sustained vibration of over 3G

No Hardware Change – Easy to operate and install with low maintenance cost; OTA upgrades to meet future requirements

About AEye

AEye’s mission is to create a smarter and safer world for everyone. Founded in 2013 by Luis Dussan, a leading aerospace designer of targeting systems for fighter jets, Dussan enlisted esteemed scientists and electro-optics engineers from NASA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Air Force, and DARPA to develop the 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, a unique, software-defined lidar solution that can classify and respond to objects in real time, helping us navigate in a safer, more efficient, and productive way. 4Sight is a single lidar platform designed to meet the diverse performance and functional requirements for every application and use case, including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).