Project Point Cloud

Create Unique Scan Patterns

AEye is able to tune each LiDAR laser pulse for power, placement and speed to craft functionally safe scan patterns optimized for any application and use case.

Detection in Poor Weather

Even through fog, AEye’s high-performance, adaptive 4Sight M LiDAR sensor system detects a pedestrian with high-confidence at 175 meters.

Expert Scene Capture

AEye’s adaptive, high-performance 4Sight M LiDAR sensor system expertly captures San Francisco’s historic Embarcadero – Muni tracks, traffic lights and all.

Create Art

4Sight’s adaptive scan LiDAR beautifully captures the iconic Cupid’s Span sculpture on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

More Point Clouds

In a big blockbuster film, you’d never want to see the wires during the climactic stunt scene. But showing overhead wires at 90 meters in this 4Sight M point cloud illustrates exceptional performance and a significant leg up over our competition. Particularly for helicopter, line maintenance, and railway applications, this feat represents the level of detail required to power the future of safe autonomy. Avoid Dangerous Entanglements Eyes on the Road Driving through Oakland near Grand Lake on I-580 North, AEye’s 4Sight M sensor system can detect individual lane lines on the freeway, an integral component for ADAS safety features like lane centering, lane departure warning systems, and lane change assistance systems. Eyes on the Road Pedestrian Detection at Long Range AEye’s intelligent, adaptive, AI-driven, 4Sight M sensor system can detect and track a pedestrian to 250 meters. Pedestrian Detection at Long Range Detect Obstructed Objects With its unique ability to generate multiple returns by looking at what objects the fired pulse struck after hitting the first object, AEye’s high-performance, adaptive 4Sight M sensor system can detect obstructed objects, such as a building at 580 meters and a car at 225 meters through two fences. Detect Obstructed Objects Navigating Complex Environments It’s not easy to drive through a construction zone, but AEye’s adaptive, AI-driven 4Sight M sensor system boasts high-performance and long-range LiDAR that is able to detect small cones, workers, lane lines, vehicles, and buildings with high precision, regardless of lighting conditions. Navigating Complex Environments Capture In-Motion Fine Detail AEye’s adaptive, high-performance, AI-driven 4Sight M sensor system can capture the finer details of any given scene — even the swishing of a basketball net. Capture In-Motion Fine Detail