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AEye Introduces Apollo – the First Product in the 4Sight Flex FamilyRead more

Provizio, AEye and Klas Showcase Their Technology On Future Mobility Campus Ireland’s Testbed Vehicle at ADAS Stuttgart

The International live demonstrations of the vehicle will showcase class leading Advanced Driver Assistance System enabling sensors, software and AI developed by AEye, Klas and Provizio at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart, Germany, June 13 2023: A number of Future Mobility Campus Ireland partner companies are showcasing live demonstrations of their technologies on a testbed vehicle at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, June 13-15.

The Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, part of a fleet at FMCI’s Shannon Facility, showcases class leading ADAS solutions developed by AEye, Klas and Provizio.

AEye Lidar Features

Featuring Continental’s HRL131 Long Range Lidar, based on AEye’s patented 4Sight™ architecture, the integrated forward facing Lidar combines long range and high resolution performance over a wide field of view, with situational software reconfigurability for critical safety use cases. The product can adapt to any application – including high speed highway environments, low speed traffic jams, and congested urban settings – using software enabled performance modes. Also, the HRL131 enables OEMs to deliver new ADAS features over-the-air, future-proofing safety development and enabling additional  revenue streams.

Klas Rugged Edge Technology for ADAS/AD Development

Klas develops and delivers rugged edge communications infrastructure alongside edge computing server solutions to securely extend the cloud to the harshest environments on Earth. Incorporated in the testbed is the TRX range of modules for ADAS/AD development from Klas, which includes vehicle data logging, networking, and connectivity, packaged up as a RAVEN (Rugged Autonomous Vehicle Network) platform with in-built power distribution powered by the vehicle’s 12VDC supply.

The TRX D8 data logging solution from Klas captures, processes, and stores data from vehicle vision systems, which is vital for further advancing safer driving experiences. The TRX R2, a compute cellular gateway, feeds GPS coordinates into the test platform and facilitates secure remote access to the vehicle over multiple mobile network connections.

Provizio 5D Perception® driving platform

Provizio’s 5D Perception® driving platform offers OEMs the fastest and most reliable path to Level 5 automation as part of the company’s mission to eliminate all road accidents and deliver a safe path to Autonomy. The platform offers the fastest, lowest cost and most reliable path to perception delivering vehicle safety and ubiquitous autonomy.

The patented technology developed by Provizio utilises a five-dimensional perception system that can continually see, track and interpret road conditions and hazards, giving every vehicle 360-degree insight into all weather conditions, far beyond human abilities.

The proprietary Software Defined Radar delivers 30x resolution and 3x range of next-gen incumbent Radar sensors – without additional expensive radar channels. Software-defined sensors use integrated edge processors to make instant decisions on the chip, slashing response times.

Speaking at ADAS Stuttgart, Andreas Prinz – AEye Technical Sales Director, Europe

“As automakers make the shift toward electrification, automation, and service-based business models, they will increasingly look to software-definable sensing solutions with the ability to update and adapt depending on the needs of the system.”

“Smart sensors like the Continental – AEye HRL131 adaptive lidar and Provizio’s high definition radar can achieve high performance metrics in a wide variety of real world environments and use cases, and will be key to enabling autonomous mobility” adds Prinz.

AEye, Provizio and Klas have been working together at Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI), an open collaborative testbed in the Shannon Free Zone. FMCI provides the facilities and expertise to harness valuable sensor data in a variety of road environments and traffic scenarios for new technologies.

The FMCI test facility includes a road network that is retro-fitted with inter-connected, state-of-the-art sensing and telecommunication technologies. Fully-accessible and controlled via a dedicated control centre, FMCI facilitates the test and validation of mobility innovations so that everyone involved, from researchers to multi-national corporations, can trial, test and innovate solutions in a ‘laboratory with real life conditions’

Speaking on the reveal, Frank Murray, CTO at Klas

“Building out a toolchain to validate the performance of the next generation of Level 2+ ADAS functionality and sensors is cumbersome and time-consuming,” said Frank Murray, CTO of Klas. “The case in point of this initiative demonstrates the ease our partners could build out the validation and verification toolchain in-vehicle. Further proof of why to adopt a modular approach to in-vehicle toolchains is adaptability. Here, the team can quickly adapt the platform to only log data or to also include secure mobile connectivity, which simplifies the integration of the testbed with the end customer’s software development environment.”

Live demo’s of the integrated platform will be ongoing throughout ADAS Stuttgart (June 13-15). Should you wish to take part in a live demonstration please respond for arrangement. Visit the Klas booth (#6628) at the event to find out more.

About AEye

AEye’s unique software-defined lidar solution enables advanced driver-assistance, vehicle autonomy, smart infrastructure and logistics applications that save lives and propel the future of transportation and mobility. AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, with its adaptive sensor-based operating system, focuses on what matters most: delivering faster, more accurate, and reliable information. AEye’s 4Sight™ products, built on this platform, are ideal for dynamic applications which require precise measurement imaging to ensure safety and performance.  AEye has a global presence through its offices in Germany, Korea, and the United States.

About Klas

Klas is an engineering and design company with over 30 years of experience developing innovative communications solutions for the network edge. The company specializes in integrating enterprise networking capabilities from global IT leaders with purpose-built hardware and software platforms designed to meet market demands and the most stringent environmental requirements. Klas collaborates with strategic partners including Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft to support edge deployments in Government, Transportation, and Automotive industries.

Government, Transportation and Public Safety users operate in remote environments where decisions need to be made locally with as much information as possible. Klas advanced networking and compute technologies provide the Edge Intelligence needed to make better decisions.

Visit to learn more about Klas’ automotive solutions.

About Provizio

Provizio was founded by a team of automotive and aerospace industry veterans with a mission to use advanced technology to eradicate road crashes and deliver a safe, scalable path to autonomy.

Previous to Provizio our team built products that NASA described as “awesome” and the world’s leading autonomous driving group described as “the gold standard” in automotive radar. Our 5D Perception® Driving Platform utilises GPU-based edge AI to fuse proprietary 5D Radar with vision systems and other best-in-class sensors to see further, wider and through obstacles, detecting danger in all-weather conditions allowing our OEM partners to apply predictive analytics in real-time to augment driver behaviour and deliver safer outcomes.

About Future Mobility Campus Ireland (FMCI)

FMCI is the first complete development centre and full-scale testbed in Ireland, based in the Shannon Free Zone. The facility focuses on comprehensive mobility technologies that span both ground (autonomous driving, micro-mobility, smart cities, V2X communications) and air (unmanned drones, eVTOL, AAM, UTM) use cases.

The facility supports a range of parties, from individual researchers to multi-national corporations, to start-ups and Government entities, to conceive, develop, trial, and deploy societally-transformative transport solutions in Shannon and beyond.

Visit to learn more about the organisation.