AE100 Autonomous Vehicle 2018

AEye Announces the AE100 Robotic Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles

Industry's First Solid State iDAR™ Based Product Provides Breakthrough Advancements in Perception and Motion Planning CES – Las Vegas, NV – January 7, 2018 – AEye, a robotic perception pioneer, today announced the AE100™, a leading-edge robotic perception system for autonomous vehicle, ADAS, and mobility markets. The AE100 is a solid state, cost-optimized system based on AEye’s iDAR™ technology, a new form of intelligent data collection that enables rapid, dynamic perception and enhanced path planning. iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging)…

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Coffee Talk: Dr. Allan Steinhardt

The startup opportunity intrigued me, as I saw it as an opportunity to have a different kind of impact, to change the world through changing the kinds of products that are available. I was involved with some of the early investments in autonomy and LiDAR through DARPA, and like many others amongst my peers I was drawn to the autonomous vehicle commercial market as a result of the DARPA Grand Challenge.
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Traffic Security Cameras

4Sight for ITS Applications

Overview From tolling automation, intersection traffic management, smart mobility infrastructure, autonomous parking and more, ITS applications are diverse, yet demand similar requirements for their perception sensors. The trouble with traditional ITS perception systems is that cameras alone fail to accurately detect in adverse weather and poor lighting conditions, radar captures only 2D data and can be spoofed, and other alternatives in sensing are now simply out-of-date. At a foundational level, all ITS applications require: high accuracy object detection and classification…

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4Sight for Trucking

Overview When it comes to partially automated and autonomous trucking, not only does its perception system require long-range detection capabilities in forward view at highway speed, but it’s equally important that the perception system can perform in low speed, highly complex and dynamic scenarios, such as maneuvering through logistics parks and urban environments. The trouble with conventional LiDAR systems for trucking is that, not only do they not achieve a far enough detection range, but they don’t have the agility…

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Coffee Talk: Stephen Lambright

We have built an active, intelligent, software-definable sensing platform – which we call iDAR – that can be used in a variety of different markets, and we're enabling our systems integrator and Tier 1 partners to take iDAR and customize it to the unique needs of each of these markets. These partnerships are a win-win for everybody: for the customer, the partner, and for us because everyone gets something better out of the equation.
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AEye Insights: The Roadmap to Autonomy

AEye Advisor Jim Robnett sits down with Elliot Garbus, AEye Advisory Board Member and former VP & GM at Intel Corporation Transportation Solutions Division, to discuss the technical challenges facing the industry today, what kind of partnerships we'll see in the future, the social and legal issues related to autonomy, and where he thinks transportation is headed this decade.
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Coffee Talk: Philippe Féru

It is in AEye’s DNA to innovate; I have been very lucky in my career to work on many cutting edge projects and products, but the technical innovation here at AEye, under Luis’ leadership, is second to none.
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Coffee Talk: Jordan Greene

I head up our corporate development, partnerships and strategy, which means that I define our strategic initiatives, cultivate our sales channel partners, and drive fundraising processes. Our business model is predicated on enabling partners to be successful, and our technology design and automotive grade supply chain are a catalyst for the manufacturing, sales and integration partners for automotive, trucking, industrial, and more.
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