AE100 Autonomous Vehicle 2018

AEye Announces the AE100 Robotic Perception System for Autonomous Vehicles

Industry's First Solid State iDAR™ Based Product Provides Breakthrough Advancements in Perception and Motion Planning CES – Las Vegas, NV – January 7, 2018 – AEye, a robotic perception pioneer, today announced the AE100™, a leading-edge robotic perception system for autonomous vehicle, ADAS, and mobility markets. The AE100 is a solid state, cost-optimized system based on AEye’s iDAR™ technology, a new form of intelligent data collection that enables rapid, dynamic perception and enhanced path planning. iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging)…

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SAE International – September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020 | SAE International | Webinar Thursday, September 10, 2020, 12PM U.S. EDT | LiDAR Technology Advances and Market Trends Speaker: Jordan Greene, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Partnerships, AEye

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TU-Detroit – August 18-20, 2020

TU-Automotive Detroit – August 18-20, 2020

August 18-20, 2020 | TU Automotive Detroit | Virtual Conference Wednesday, Aug 19th at 2:30PM | LiDAR Driving the Autonomous Car Speakers: Jim Robnett – VP of Automotive Business Development, AEye  &  Joel Benscoter – Head of Customer Success, AEye Register with promo code: AEYE30 for 30% off passes!

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Time Of Flight Vs. FMCW LiDAR: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Time of Flight vs. FMCW LiDAR: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Recent papers have presented a number of marketing claims about the benefits of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) LiDAR systems. As might be expected, there is more to the story than the headlines claim. This white paper examines these claims and offers a technical comparison of Time of Flight (TOF) vs. FMCW LiDAR for each of them. We hope this serves to outline some of the difficult system trade-offs a successful practitioner must overcome, thereby stimulating robust informed discussion, competition, and ultimately, improvement of both TOF and FMCW offerings to advance perception for autonomy.
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AEye 4Sight M

AEye Unveils 4Sight™, a Breakthrough LiDAR Sensor That Delivers Automotive Solid-State Reliability and Record-Breaking Performance

Dublin, CA - June 9, 2020 - AEye, Inc, an artificial perception pioneer today announced 4Sight™, a groundbreaking new sensor family built on its unique iDAR™ platform. 4Sight redefines LiDAR performance while establishing a benchmark for the next generation of LiDAR sensors and intelligent robotic vision systems. Debunking previous assumptions that high performing long-range 1550nm LiDAR could not achieve both solid state reliability and lower cost, 4Sight delivers on all three – performance, reliability and price. The first 4Sight sensor to…

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4Sight Shock and Vibe Testing

The AEye 4Sight M sensor completes testing of random vibration of over 12Grms (5-2000Hz) on May 29, 2020. The tests were performed and certified by NTS at their facilities in Fremont, CA.
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50G Positive Z-Direction

The AEye 4Sight M sensor completes 50g mechanical shock testing on June 5, 2020. The tests were performed and certified by NTS at their facilities in Fremont, CA.
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AEye Reveals Advanced MEMS That Delivers Solid-State Performance and Reliability Needed to Advance Adoption of Low-Cost LiDAR

Dublin, CA - June 9, 2020 - AEye, Inc, an artificial perception pioneer today announced that their 4Sight™ M sensor based on patented intelligent perception system design has established a new standard for sensor reliability. In testing completed at NTS, one of the most respected testing, inspection, and certification companies in the US, the 4Sight M scan block surpassed automotive qualification for both shock and vibe. AEye also announced the availability of 4Sight – a new family of advanced 1550nm…

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AEye Shatters New Benchmark

AEye Sets New Benchmark for LiDAR Range

Introducing 1KM AEye has set a new benchmark for LiDAR range. In performance specification tests monitored and validated by VSI Labs, AEye’s iDAR system acquired and tracked a truck at 1,000 meters – or one kilometer – five times the distance current LiDAR systems are able to detect! Watch now...
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AEye Team Profile: Viktoria Parker

It is exciting to be involved and fully engaged in so many areas of the company and to have the unique opportunity to set up processes and establish rules to help make it succeed. AEye has a very inspiring environment with brilliant minds and experts in their fields.
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Security Magazine

Security Magazine Explores LiDAR for Security Applications

“Is LiDAR ready for mainstream security use?” asks Security Magazine. They sat down with Akram Benmbarek, AEye’s VP of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives at CES 2020, who says “the most suitable customers for security applications today are critical infrastructures and government agencies."  

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