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AEye Introduces Industry’s First Adaptive Lidar Simulation Suite on NVIDIA DRIVE Sim Read More

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Experience the 4Sight™ difference at Intertraffic Amsterdam

March 29 – April 1, 2022

AEye – Stand #05.424

AEye’s 4Sight™ platform is the only intelligent sensing solution for ITS with AI-driven, adaptive LiDAR at its core.
  • Enables next-generation smart transportation infrastructure
  • Customizable performance modes are optimized for every use case
  • Provides more intelligent, actionable information, faster and with less data
  • Rugged, reliable, cost-effective

Request a Live Demonstration

Anyone can say they value safety. At AEye, we put safety into motion.

Every day, drivers face an incredible variety of situations and scenarios for which autonomous vehicle technology needs to navigate both safely and efficiently. These are edge cases, and they occur with surprising frequency. However, conventional perception systems will experience great difficulty recognizing these common threats or reacting appropriately. In order to achieve advanced levels of autonomy or breakthrough ADAS features, these edge cases must be addressed.

Explore the “iDAR in Action” Series to learn how only AEye’s software definable iDAR™ platform successfully responds to these challenges.

Live with AEye:
Virtual CES 2022

On January 5 and 6, 2022, AEye hosted its Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022 livestream series, featuring interviews with leading players implementing autonomous technology across different industries and exclusive demonstrations of AEye’s 4Sight™ LiDAR, a CES 2022 Innovation Award winner.

View the livestream schedule and watch playback of all Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022 sessions, below!

8:00 AM: Morning Coffee: Virtual CES 2022
Featuring: Stephen Lambright, AEye CMO
8:10 AM: AEye Video and Demo Interlude
8:30 AM: The Business of OEMs
Featuring: Blair LaCorte, AEye CEO
9:00 AM: Improving Life Through Autonomy & Beyond
Featuring: Art Blanchford, Formerly Veoneer
10:00 AM: AEye: Advancing Autonomy for ITS
Featuring: Akram Benmbarek, AEye VP of BD and Strategic Initiatives
9:00 AM: The Business of OEMs
Featuring: Stephen Lambright, AEye CMO
10:00 AM: Morning Coffee: Virtual CES 2022
Featuring: Akram Benmbarek, AEye VP of BD and Strategic Initiatives

Request an Interactive Virtual Demo

Given the current constraints in travel, AEye has created Raptor – a unique, high-performance, web-based demo platform. Raptor will enable you to engage in a real-time, interactive test drive with an AEye engineer. From the comfort of your own home or office, you will have the ability to see what a truly software-defined sensor can do and witness the record breaking performance of the 4Sight™ M. We are happy to customize the demo to meet your specific use cases, so please let us know what you would like to see during your 4Sight™ M demo drive.

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