iDAR™ Select Partner Program


Want early access to AEye’s award winning iDAR platform for your unique application?

The iDAR Select Partner Program is designed to give qualified partners the opportunity to immediately and efficiently operate AEye’s powerful and flexible iDAR platform.

The program includes:

  • iDAR Development Platform immediate access
  • iDAR Visualizer and Control Software
  • iDAR Software Development Kit – with a robust API to adapt the iDAR platform to your needs
  • Dedicated AEye engineering support to assist your team with set up, configuration, and training – ensuring your success with the iDAR platform
  • Seamless migration to the next generation of iDAR products
  • Free upgrades to new products as they become available

The Platform

AEye’s iDAR takes solid-state agile 1550nm LiDAR, fuses it with a low-light HD camera, and integrates artificial intelligence to create an agile and smart perception sensor that is fully software definable. iDAR is the first – and only – perception sensor that can actively interrogate a scene based on situational awareness and software-driven feedback loops.

AEye’s iDAR combines breakthrough innovations to solve critical challenges in perception and path planning. Correctly implemented, iDAR increases the speed of a car’s self-driving perception system by up to 10 times, while reducing power consumption 5 to 10 times. It does this by decreasing how much data is conveyed to the motion-planning system – in many cases, by more than 90 percent.

The Products

The iDAR Select Partner Program begins with the iDAR Development Platform – a robust, solid-state sensor with a fully enabled iDAR software stack plus a full API available through the fully documented Software Development Kit (SDK). Development work done on the iDAR Development Platform is seamlessly migrated to next generation iDAR products and beyond.

Software Features Available Now

  • iDAR SDK
  • iDAR Visualizer
  • iDAR Control
  • Camera-Based Feature Detection and Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Camera Object Detection and Tracking
  • GPS/IMU Registered Point Cloud
  • Remote Software Update Ability

The Program

As a participant in AEye’s iDAR Select Partner Program, you will receive all of the technical support and product training you need to get up and running on the iDAR platform.

Product: The iDAR Development Platform – an iDAR-enabled sensor, SDK, Visualizer and Control Software

Configuration and Training: An AEye engineer will deliver the development platform to you and spend dedicated time onsite training your team in how to optimize the iDAR platform. If necessary, we can arrange for our AEye engineer to spend additional days on site.

Support: Business hours support from a dedicated team of AEye support engineers via email, text, or phone. We will strive to respond to inquiries on the same day, and resolve any issues in 24 hours.

Migration: When new products become available, your AEye engineer will return to your facility with a new sensor. Your AEye engineer will then assist your team in migrating your development work to the new product and training your team on new software capabilities.

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