Intelligent Long-Range Detection WP Feature

Intelligent, Long-Range Detection with AEye’s iDAR Systems

White Paper describing AEye’s intelligent detection and ranging system – iDAR. Executive Summary AEye’s next level of detection technology fuses conventional LiDAR with an artificial perception system to produce something entirely new—an intelligent detection system we call iDAR. AEye’s technology mimics the mechanisms of human perception and insight. AEye’s foundational belief is based on the “OODA loop”: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. AEye applies the OODA loop principle of “mission objective” to its iDAR devices. AEye’s technology upends the myths that…

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Scan Modes Cover

AEye Introduces Software-Defined, Application-Specific Scanning Modes

White Paper describing the powerful, software-defined scanning modes in AEye's iDAR artificial perception systems. Executive Summary AEye supplants the static point cloud by introducing dynamic scan modes designed to address latency and improve information acuity. Scan modes can be combined, and their data aggregated. Scan modes include foveated, random, tripwire, camera-cued/cross-cued, map-based, and sparse compressive sensing. Additional scan modes that will further enhance iDAR performance are currently in development at AEye. Scan Modes: A New Way of Looking at the…

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