4SightTM for Trucking Solutions

Application Overview

Not only does a LiDAR-based sensor system for trucking require long-range detection capabilities in forward view at highway speed, but it’s equally important that it can perform in low speed, highly complex and dynamic scenarios. Conventional LiDAR systems not only fail to achieve a far enough detection range, but they don’t have the agility to adjust their scanning capabilities to optimize for different use cases.


At a foundational level, trucking applications require…

  • Long-range capabilities in forward view
  • Flexible sensor placement
  • Long-term, solid-state reliability

Why 4Sight™?

4Sight™’s Unmatched Capabilities

Built on the award-winning iDAR™ platform, 4Sight™ delivers proven industry-leading, long range, high performance perception for trucking applications. 4Sight™ is trucking’s only true, cost-effective, customizable adaptive sensor solution with the ability to optimize for various driving conditions and use cases.

4Sight™ Benefits

  • Delivers the industry’s longest detection range for accurate high speed, highway detection and classification
  • Enables the customization of detection configuration and scanning patterns to the use case through adaptive, software-configurable architecture
  • Achieves 10-20x greater targeting accuracy and classification performance than camera-only systems
  • Allows for flexible placement options including: grill, behind the windshield, or roof; modular architecture enables seamless, cost-effective 360° coverage around the truck
  • Provides high-end, robust manufacturing through Tier 1 partners — all units are updated by our Tier 1 partners, such as Continental, for the warrantied lifecycle
  • Proven solid-state performance and reliability partners — AEye’s innovative and patented approach to MEMS makes 4Sight™ the most robust and ruggedized for any application that experiences a lifetime of shock and vibration, surpassing even the most stringent automotive standards