4SightTM for Rail Solutions

4Sight™ Meets Rail Industry Needs

The tools required for managing and optimizing the global railway system are highly complex. Rail applications that benefit from the use of LiDAR include: system autonomy, collision avoidance, vegetation and asset inspection (such as track, catenary wires, bridge, and tunnel), trackside mapping, and monitoring passenger flow in stations and movement around maintenance and construction sites. These applications are diverse and require different classification capabilities, all delivered with reliability and safety.

Initially used for mapping applications, the challenge with conventional LiDAR is that it was not made to meet the railway industry’s requirements. For example, conventional LiDAR does not have the long-range detection or classification capabilities needed to alert a high speed or freight train in time to prevent a trackside incident, nor the agility needed to switch from one use case to another in real time. And even for some mapping applications, it doesn’t have the needed resolution.

Only AEye’s award-winning 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform can perform multiple use cases simultaneously (such as system autonomy and mapping) and meet the rail industry’s range and frame rate requirements. 4Sight boasts the industry’s only solid-state, high-performance, adaptive LiDAR that enables the customization of scanning parameters for every use case – from asset inspections and collision avoidance to autonomy. Its software-configurable architecture and ability to process data at the edge of the network results in greater reliability, safety, and performance at longer range and lower cost. This single sensor platform can be used throughout a global railway system, providing efficient operation, while unique customer requirements can be implemented without hardware modification.

Rail Industry Application Requirements

Autonomy and Collision Avoidance Applications

  • Detect, acquire, and classify actionable information at long range (200-600 meters)
  • High frame rate
  • Agility and ability to focus on specific Regions of Interest (ROIs) with high resolution
  • Reliability and the ability to sustain shock and vibration

Mapping and Asset Inspection

  • Focus on high-interest areas (short range)
  • HD scanning to detect small changes or deformations in the assets

4Sight meets all Rail Industry Application Requirements

4Sight™ Benefits

  • Detects, acquires, and classifies actionable information at long or short range due to its software-configurable architecture and ability to customize a library of deterministic and/or responsive scan patterns
  • Deploys ultra-high resolution Regions of Interest (ROIs) to detect small objects in the near range
  • Enables train and transit operators to detect small objects at long range (vehicle at 1000m; pedestrian at 400m)
  • Solid-state design provides reliability and the ability to sustain shock and vibration


Unique Rail Mounting Options

  • On active service locomotive
    For real-time hazard detection and monitoring
  • On inspection cars
    For mapping and asset survey
  • Station
    For passenger flow and safety monitoring
  • Inspection location
    For railcar monitoring and counting
  • Fixed mount
    For geo-fenced right-of-way monitoring and security
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