4SightTM for Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS)

Application Overview

From tolling automation, intersection traffic management, smart mobility infrastructure, autonomous/smart parking, work zone safety, and more, ITS applications are diverse, yet demand similar requirements for their perception sensors. The trouble with traditional ITS perception systems is that cameras alone fail to accurately detect in adverse weather and poor lighting conditions, radar does not provide the needed resolution, and other alternatives in sensing are now simply out-of-date.


At a foundational level, all ITS applications require…

  • High accuracy, long-range object detection and classification
  • Solid-state, long-term reliability
  • The ability to perform in all weather conditions

Why 4Sight™?

4Sight™’s Unmatched Capabilities

Camera and radar prove a valuable part of the solution mix, but they each have limitations. LiDAR is the only deterministic sensor that provides the specific data needed for ITS applications because it can precisely establish where an object is going (vector and velocity) and therefore, produce the most accurate motion forecasting.

Built on AEye’s award-winning iDAR™ platform, 4Sight™ is the only intelligent, adaptive, high-performance, solid-state LiDAR that enables the customization of scanning capabilities for any ITS application. AEye’s 4Sight™ can be used to obtain high quality traffic data, detect near-miss incidents, and provide safety solutions to help prevent accidents, reduce traffic congestion, and increase municipality savings for a safer, more efficient world.

4Sight™ Benefits

  • Enables the customization of detection configuration and scanning patterns to the use case through adaptive, software-configurable architecture
  • Provides high accuracy classification capabilities (vehicle type, cyclist, pedestrian)
  • Optimized for dynamic conditions such as weather, lighting, and other environmental factors through real-time, adaptive scan patterns
  • Generates ultra-high resolution Regions of Interest (ROIs) at pedestrian crosswalks and along the sides of the road to better detect and classify pedestrians and cyclists
  • Detects in all lighting and weather conditions
  • Delivers long term, solid-state reliability


Relevant ITS Applications

  • Tolling automation
  • Intersection traffic management
  • Smart mobility infrastructure
  • Autonomous/smart parking
  • Work zone safety
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