4SightTM for Automotive Solutions

4Sight™ Meets Automotive Industry Needs

The automotive industry requires a LiDAR sensor with ultra-long range, small obstacle detection at highway speeds as well as a wide field of view for highly complex, low speed environments such as traffic jams.

AEye’s award-winning 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform is automotive’s only cost-effective, customizable adaptive sensor solution with the ability to optimize for various driving conditions and use cases. With its software-configurable architecture, 4Sight delivers proven industry-leading, high-performance data that meets the needs of the automotive OEM customers.

This single sensor platform can be updated over time allowing OEM customers to future-proof their autonomous development without any hardware changes.

Automotive Industry Requirements

At a foundational level, automotive applications require…

  • Ultra-long range, small obstacle detection
  • Situational awareness for various driving conditions
  • Design-centric vehicle integration

4Sight meets all Automotive Industry Requirements

4Sight™ Benefits

  • Delivers the industry’s longest detection range for accurate high speed, highway detection and classification
  • Enables customized performance modes for one sensor to operate in multiple environments while maintaining the optimal size, weight, power, and cost profile
  • Increases accuracy and quality of data through deterministic intelligent sensing
  • Allows for flexible placement options including in the grill, behind the windshield, or in the roof line
  • Leverages world class Tier 1 partners (such as Continental) for industrialization and manufacturing
  • howcases solid-state performance and reliability that surpass even the most stringent automotive standards — AEye’s innovative and patented approach to MEMS