4Sight for Trucking



When it comes to partially automated and autonomous trucking, not only does its perception system require long-range detection capabilities in forward view at highway speed, but it’s equally important that the perception system can perform in low speed, highly complex and dynamic scenarios, such as maneuvering through logistics parks and urban environments. The trouble with conventional LiDAR systems for trucking is that, not only do they not achieve a far enough detection range, but they don’t have the agility to adjust their scanning capabilities to optimize for both highway and urban driving.

At a foundational level, trucking applications require: long-range capabilities in forward view, flexible sensor placement, and long term, solid-state reliability.

4Sight’s Unique Capabilities

No other sensor system can take on all autonomous trucking requirements like AEye’s 4Sight, which detects from 1cm to 1,000 meters, provides cost-effective 360° coverage around the truck, and boasts the industry’s most ruggedized and robust MEMS.

Built on AEye’s award-winning iDAR™ platform, 4Sight delivers proven industry leading, long-range, high performance perception for trucking applications. 4Sight is trucking’s only true, cost-effective, customizable perception solution with the ability to optimize for various driving conditions. It’s agile, software-definable architecture enables the creation of a library of responsive scan patterns that adapt to driving conditions, environment, speed, and vehicle location. For example, a set of unique scan patterns can be created for highway driving (with a long-range, high-density, narrow FOV), and for environments that are more dynamic and unstructured, such as urban areas and logistics parks. 4Sight’s agile architecture also enables the deployment of ultra-high resolution Regions of Interest (ROIs) to achieve the highest levels of safety for both highway and urban driving.

  • With software-definable range optimization of 1cm to 1,000 meters and a triggerable instantaneous resolution of 0.025°, 4Sight achieves the industry’s longest detection range for accurate high speed, highway detection and classification.
  • 4Sight is configurable for high-volume trucking applications, achieving 10x greater performance at 10% of the cost of other LiDAR sensors. 4Sight’s unique system design enables seamless, cost-effective 360° coverage around the truck. Its flexible placement options include grill, behind the windshield, or roof of the truck.
  • AEye’s innovative and patented approach to MEMS makes 4Sight the most robust and ruggedized for any application that experiences a lifetime of shock and vibration, surpassing even the most stringent automotive standards. 4Sight delivers solid-state performance and reliability—proven to sustain mechanical shock of over 50G, random vibration over 12Grms (5-2000Hz), and sustained vibration of over 3G.
  • AEye provides high-end, robust manufacturing through Tier 1 partners. All units are updated by our Tier 1 partners for the warrantied lifecycle.