4Sight for ITS Applications

Traffic Security Cameras


From tolling automation, intersection traffic management, smart mobility infrastructure, autonomous parking and more, ITS applications are diverse, yet demand similar requirements for their perception sensors. The trouble with traditional ITS perception systems is that cameras alone fail to accurately detect in adverse weather and poor lighting conditions, radar captures only 2D data and can be spoofed, and other alternatives in sensing are now simply out-of-date.

At a foundational level, all ITS applications require: high accuracy object detection and classification (vehicle, truck, cyclist, pedestrian, etc.), solid-state, long-term reliability, and the ability to perform in all weather conditions.

4Sight’s Unique Capabilities

No other sensor system can take on all ITS application requirements like AEye’s 4Sight, which can be used to obtain high quality traffic data, detect near-miss incidents, and provide safety solutions to help prevent accidents for a safer, more efficient world.

4Sight is built on its award-winning iDAR™ platform, which fuses solid-state agile LiDAR, an optional camera, and integrated AI to create a smart, software-definable sensor that extracts only the data that matters—enabling fast, accurate perception. AEye’s intelligent, solid-state LiDAR allows for the customization of scanning capabilities for any ITS application. With 4Sight, the user can optimize scanning configuration and parameters for their unique application to achieve the highest level of detection and classification possible. For example, intersection traffic management applications require flawless pedestrian detection. With 4Sight, it is possible to generate unique ultra-high resolution Regions of Interest (ROIs) at pedestrian crosswalks and along the sides of the road to better detect and classify pedestrians and cyclists.

  • With 4Sight, basic perception can now be distributed to the edge of the sensor network, enabling the collection of data in real time, enhancing existing centralized perception software platforms by reducing latency, lowering costs and achieving classification at range.
  • Built on 1550nm LiDAR, 4Sight delivers superior performance in adverse weather. 4Sight enables the configuration of a library of deterministic scan patterns that can be customized and fixed or triggered to adjust to changing environments and external input. Therefore, a weather specific scan pattern can be triggered when the system detects rain.
  • AEye’s 4Sight sensors were initially developed for the automotive market and have an Ingress Protection of IP69K. AEye’s innovative and patented approach to MEMS makes them the most robust and ruggedized for ITS or any application that experiences a lifetime of shock and vibration, surpassing even the most stringent automotive standards.